Sunday, 28 August 2016

The present situation of the country; where did we go wrong.

A while ago,  I saw a quote by my friend and colleague Mr. Possible and the quote goes thus ÷
"Not every pain heals with time, not every hurt heals with care.. sometimes, just sometimes, the best times bring back the worst memories"
Destiny Possible Osayi

Sometime in 2014 to be precise a group of girls were adopted from a school in Northern Nigeria Chibok (to be apt) and up until now some of them are still held captive. In this write-up I would focus on the ones that "escaped" from the adopters.
It is expected that when one escapes or is free from captivity, joy should fill the heart of such a one but this is not so in respect of one of the escapee; a young lady.
After coming back to civilisation, she was initially happy and glad to be back but soon after, she began to hint that she missed her husband who she was forcefully married off to by the gang of adopters. The hearing of this bizarre statement frightened people and some even claimed she had been bedeviled.
Relating this to Mr. Possibles quote, she is having to some extent the best time of this period of her life, but the memories of her forced husband lingers on in her mind with each passing day. She may have had the worst time of her life while in captivity but her disposition towards her "husband" is still positive thereby bringing back some of the worst memories in her life right in the middle of her best times.
Situations like this happen every day in different scales, many persons still thinking of their lost loved ones who died as a result of the "religious war" going on in Nigeria even when they have been compensated by the government and are seemingly ok they remember the memories which they shared with their loved ones and it brings back bitter sensation right in the middle of their jubilation.
  As much as possible we must do our best individually and collectively to make people feel secure and loved even though the country at this point in time is experiencing crisis in every sense of the word.

Da Jandy.

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