Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Political Mumbo Jumbo in Nigerian politicking; Edo State as a Case Study. By; Da Jandy.

It is stale news that the gubernatorial election in Edo state is around the corner. The singular knowledge of this fact tends to frighten the political parties involved. Most especially the two prominent parties which are "All Progressive Congress(APC)" the ruling party and the strongest opposition party "Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)".
The main aim of this write-up is to beam a search light into the politicking and convictions of Edo people,  and highlight major criteria with which the candidates should be adjudged and subsequently voted for.
In lue of the upcoming elections, various allegations both true and false have been going around so as to limit the trust which the masses repose on the flag bearers of both of the aforementioned parties. Let it be noted at this juncture that the use of the words "FLAG BEARERS OF BOTH PARTIES" is clearly stressed.
 Some quarters have alleged that a particular candidate "stole" from the coffers of the state treasury while serving in a political capacity, others have accused another candidate of not being "qualified" academically and politically to pilot the affairs of Edo State. Some of these allegations might be true but the issue is that the extent of the truism of these allegations cannot be validated totally and this tends to create a distrust amongst the masses about both candidates. This singular issue has caused a deviation from the real aim of political campaign which is to sell the manifesto of candidates vying for political post to the masses who would either buy the ideas of the candidates or not, rather what we now have is the "state" of a STATE torn between itself supporting various candidates based on sentiments, pity, and party affiliations. This ordinarily should not be so. People should not be "bedeviled" by sentimental stands which they take blindly because what ever decisions we take on September 10th 2016 would either Favour us or hunt us for the next four years.
On the basis of this, it is my earnest plea and chastisement to the People of EDO STATE to calm down and weigh both candidates, find out what they actually have to offer and finally make our choices based on such criteria.
 I must tell you.... Then and only Then would we finally have a government that is "by the people, from the people, and for the people"


  1. Nice.
    The choice is the people's.

  2. nice piece boss but lemme quickly say something...
    you said that the people of Edo should embrace the option of looking at what the candidates can offer... well I do not see how that can be actualised as we know that we aren't seers who can read and detect which leader or candidate in particularity, is not uttering lies and gubbins right in our face.
    Boss, I feel ur way out is good...just wondering if it is utopian or attainable.

    1. Sir I am not unaware of the difficulties in ascertaining the truth in political manifestos but we are in a society where people are hunted by their words. Flowing from this therefore, if we pay cognisance to what they say, to some extent our judgement would be on a positive note and not on mere loyalty to political parties.

  3. Great opinion Jandy👍. Really nice stuff.