Saturday, 20 August 2016

Reminiscence of Demostarz13 days by Dee Adebayo

I was listening to Joshua's (da Jandy's) "children,leaders of tomorrow"...and a flood of memories came rushing back... memories from a few years back... in one big secondary school somewhere in the university of Benin. . a group of teenagers were in the arts... it was a class full of different characters but one thing bonded all of them and that was their passion for the arts... they were all talented young men and women.... singers.... speakers ..writers... beautiful people owho had a common dream... to read law 😊 so today I remember all of them..... Abolagba Joshua 'Da Jandy' who was fond of warming my hands then... always cold... seat mate for two years... he could tease the hell out of me.. he also used to tell me of how we will be seat mates wen we get to the faculty of law... or how he was going to blow so big... and I was going to hear his songs one day... I am hearing it all right and I miss u... I remember small Aliu Jennifer, she was of course a friend... I remember you with that small mirror of yours, rubbing white powder and repairing ur lipgloss, the only makeup we could own as of then... always beautiful.. miss u girl... then osaruese Rhoda... the girl with "huge" assets... beautiful to the core too although we used to clash back then.. I remember you laughing and me shouting "rodent!!!!! stop it ooo"...miss you too.. Asije Ohita, seat mate for a year, fragile yet strong.. I remember you today rapping... spitting those words out with ferocity... miss u too... Remember Sede gracious, my partner in crime when it came to reading those yeye novels and with one powerful voice... madam, you are highly missed too... Orhue Enodiana, another partner in novel reading.. I remember you with your large skirt.. powerful voice too... miss you.. Can I ever forget Efe Eseka..bestie that year that year.. intelligent with a tint of stubbornness... smallie... you are missed... Ifidon... tall, quiet and mysterious even up till date.. Mr politician.. missing u bad bad... Oriakhi Lisa... you and makeup ehn!!!!! I remember you and Joshua always fighting.. Khai.miss you love... Abu praise... our dear quarrel settler, she was like our mature class mate.. true definition of black is gold.miss u hun..,Emmanuel..."can't spell your surname again oo".. tall,dark and well built even at that our young age... I wonder how you look like now..i miss you too.. can't exactly remember everyone as I am sleeping and typing but I truthfully miss you all... you know what my last memory of us all... "all of us, sitting in our various seats... Joshua and I.... ohita and praise... Rhoda and Jennifer... lisa rubbing lipstick sitting on the seat that Joshua abandoned for her.. Ifidon in one place like that talking with Emmanuel... Orhue reading a novel... Efe thinking of one joke like that to say.. all of us on our 'low cuts'... dressed in our pink and purple uniforms, white socks and brown shoes... and everyone suddenly laughing at one funny thing Efe has said" happy that we were together in the Arts... SSS1B ND SS2F.... life might have separated us but I remember you all fondly and all I can say... je vous aime ( I love you all)

By: Dee Adebayo