Friday, 26 August 2016

Tales from the past (Fiction)

Today was Friday and I alongside uche just returned from our visit to our friends house where we went to indulge in PlayStation 2. Our intention was to pass the back door and enter into our house because we sneaked out to play game so we didn't want anyone to be aware of our return.. as we crept slowly towards the back door, we heard a voice "EKENE AND UCHENA.. BOTH OF YOU COME HERE".. the fright that gripped both of us was out of this world knowing fully well that the voice was grandpa's and we had just been "caught in the act". We decided to "play deaf" and walk back to follow the main entrance but papa was quite ready to discipline us (Spare the rod and spoil the child was papas watch word especially to "little demons like myself and Uche"). Grandpa got up from where he was sitting and followed us till he nabbed us by the shirt and that was when we knew we were in for it. As an aside, I must say at this point that grandpa had earlier on given us task to accomplish before he left for his age group meeting in company of his friend. We were very much aware of this but since he went for age group meeting, knowing fully well that the meetings take donkey years to arrive at a conclusion, we decided to save the task for a later time and instead go out to fraternise with our friend. Grand pa nabbed us and sought to find out the candid reason why we did not play by the rules(finishing the task before going to play) this time.... we knew what grandpa would do if we didn't give any reply at all. Uche looked at me with the gaze of "guy give papa a reply oo" I knew that look and so decided to play along but today was not my day because the moment I opened my mouth to speak, no words came out. Grandpa was tired of waiting for an answer and so decided to punish us without mercy. After serving the punishment, it was time for dinner and grandma was back from the market. Grandpa briefed her on our misdemeanors and we weren't aware of this fact until we got to the dinning table and we were literally "shutout" from partaking in supper. Myself and Uche looked at grandma to come to our rescue as she had hitherto done on previous occasions. Instead of that to happen, we were chastised further by our grandma telling us that we were no longer babies but young men who should be responsible and trusted to carryout task without any hitch. Every other person ate and went to bed except both of us, we were made to sleep on empty stomachs after playing throughout the afternoon. At about 11pm that day grandma came to our room and woke us up to come and eat as a matter of fact we were so glad. She sat besides us and admonished us throughout the meal to be good boys who would one day grow up to be fathers. That singular episode gave me particularly a broader view of life. Moral lessons÷ 1. We should always keep to time in our dealings.
2. We must not take anyone for granted.
3. We should be trustworthy at all times.
4. We should show good example to everyone we come across.
5. We should always work before we crave for rest (play).
   Da Jandy.