Monday, 5 March 2018

The Glistening Light

As He lay still on his bed listening to a song by a famous musician, He reminisced about the day's work
and taking a quick glance at his wall clock, He grabbed his cellphone and placed a call across to his dawg Wale.
Jimmy had just gotten a promotion and  a raise at work and He decided to hit one of the clubs in company of his bosom friends. Their relationship hadn't always been smooth. They started on a rather shaky note.  It all started one Tuesday morning at the schools' hostel in the University.
Wale had been allocated a bed space in room 105, but due to his delay in clearing the space, the
hostel porter decided to play a fast one and make some money from a 'free' space.
As fate would have it, the porter had sold Wale's bedspace to Jimmy who had offered the porter a heavy envelope valued at three times the original price. That Tuesday morning as Wale checked into the hostel after legally clearing the space, in a bid to settle down into his space, he
was met with resistance from Jimmy who also produced 'documents' which arrested to the fact that he also had a claim to the space and was in fact the first in time.

The two boys in a bid to act responsibly, decided to resolve the issue at the desk of the porter.
To compound issues, the porter who had sold the space to Jimmy had gone on annual leave to have fun with his family utilizing the proceeds of his mega deal.
This kind of occurrence was not novel to the porter who was on ground as most of them
resulted in engaging in the nefarious activity to keep body and soul together since the Federal
Government had forgotten they were employees.
The issue was however resolved and Wale was allocated the next bed space in the same room with similar furnishings.
Finally, both boys later settled their rift when they discovered they were from the same part of the country.
The whole hostel incident happened a long time ago and both men had since put that incident
aside only referring to it when they were in company of friends who inquired as to how they both
came to know each other.

Jimmy concluded he'd stop by Wale's and they'd both proceed to the club to have some liquor
and some laughs to celebrate the arrival of the next level in Jimmy's career.
Few hours later, both men had hit the club. It must note escape mention here that Wale wasn't
doing badly either. He had secured a good job in a multinational corporation and was also raking in a good amount of money in basic and allowances. So this meetup was money clashing with money.
After much chattering, both men felt it was time to head back home. Jimmy dropped off Wale at his condo before heading home.

Both men had made it substantially and not withstanding their affluent backgrounds, they hadbeen able to carve an iche for themselves in the big city. Things are certainly looking bright for the roommates turned brothers.

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