Friday, 3 November 2017


He was walking along the path which led to the cathedral in the village. The Portuguese had constructed this centre of worship in the 19th century. The building still stood gallant amongst all others in the microcosm where he called his place of origin. The architectural perfection gave the place of worship away as a piece brought into existence by the magic fingers of the Whiteman. This was the 20th century and the building still looked good as it has always been.
Just a few metres away from the cathedral, a loud sound was heard followed by screams and scrambling of person's trying to get away from harm's way.
A quick glance ahead, exposed a group of devils incarnate coming towards the cathedral wielding glistening knives, the unmistakable look of person's ready to snuff out life from anyone who stood in the way of their holy war.
Prior to this moment, the community has boasted of peaceful coexistence between all and sundry, but at this very instance, that was watered down to a historical fact.
The atmosphere was tensed. Jim saw some of these men who wielded arms summarily thrusts their knives into fellow humans and Chant words which hitherto were chanted only in the confines of their place of worship or in a gathering of fellow faithful.
A stunned Jim at a quick glance, recognised the victim of this onslaught... it was the boy living in the house close to the cathedral. Few minutes later, several other persons lay dead courtesy of these 'holy warriors'.
Just when Jim regained full control of himself, one of the young men who was an accomplice to the onslaught, saw someone peeping at them and instinctively threw a weapon at Jim which narrowly missed his forehead but not without leaving him a scar on the front top of his head. Bleeding and in excruciating pains, Jim ran for his dear life, the young man pursued Jim till he lost site of the lad before he turned back from his fruitless pursuit to rejoin the remaining men who were busy ransacking the community with the sole aim of ending the lives of as many persons as possible.
Acute pandemonium engulfed the whole community. The onslaught as Jim later discovered was being carried out simultaneously at different locations of the community by these similar looking gruesome young men.
He saw various dead bodies lay on the floor carelessly. The journey home seemed to take forever despite the fact that He had been on his feet, running nonstop since the young man pursued him few metres away from the cathedral.
It took him few minutes to get home.
"Mama what is happening? "
Jim's mother was glad to see him safe and at home with her, She examined the injury on her son's head, found out that he had been involved in a near death situation and the only thing her frail mind could do was to thank her God who had chosen to spare her son's life, but the cries of person's who had been maimed came rambling through the neighborhood signifying the fact that this massacre had just begun...
Only time would tell if Jim and his mum would be spared from the onslaught. Then again, if they are spared, who would tell the tale, and who would be there to listen...

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