Monday, 6 March 2017


She pushed Jim to the wall. It wasn't the first time she had to do this. Jim had constantly yelled at her for petty things, ranging from not making his coffee the way he loved it to other infinitesimal issues.

Yetunde was a woman who found love in the arms of the wrong man.
She had gone to Soft-life shopping mall to pickup groceries that afternoon. She faced difficulty picking the right red wine for her mini get together which she organised to celebrate old friends and new friends who had become a part of her life.
It's pertinent to chip in here that Yetunde was a banker at Goldmine bank plc.
She had gotten the job immediately after school. She was smart on the job which enabled her to rise to enviable heights within few years of working. Not undermining these successes, she always saw herself as someone who needed to do more; being a perfectionist.
Facing such dilemma as to which wine to pick, Jim a well built, tall and eloquent young man noticed the somewhat confused face of a young lady. He approached her and said "with the amount of brands popping up daily, it becomes cumbersome in selecting a specific brand".
Yetunde who was not really in a relationship at that time immediately had a keen interest in the young man who stood besides her.
"Exactly what I was thinking about" said Yetunde.
Jim picked "Cuvée Spéciale" a brand which was made by "BARTON & GUESTIER".
"These would do, (Jim handed a white wine and a red wine to yetunde) this French company produces the best wines as far as I can tell".
Jim introduced himself and so did yetunde.
Complimentary cards exchanged hands and both persons left the mall.

Throughout the get together, Yetunde thought of Jim. Such a gentle man. She felt he looked too young to be married yet.
Her mind was averted back to present things on ground by her colleague and friend.
Everyone made a toast in honour of Yetunde who had amassed much successes in all ramifications save for the very thing that Africans held in high esteem; she had not gotten married.
It was about 8:30pm in the big city.
Yetunde gave a vote of thanks to everyone who took out time to grace the occasion. Everyone went home leaving yetunde to herself.
Once more, She felt the strong need to get married. She wasn't getting any younger. Due to her dedication to her banking job, she hadn't paid much attention to men who made advances towards her. She treated every man as a bank customer "strictly business" was her watch word.
On setting eyes on Jim earlier that day, she had this feeling he could be the one. She picked up his complementary card and scanned through. Jim was an international business man. No wonder he knew much about foreign wines she thought.
She had an urge to place a call across but on a second thought, she felt it wasn't ladylike to do so.

Jim on the other hand, had not remembered to even glance through the card which he received at the mall. It was a week later when his laundryman returned his clothes, that he saw the card which Yetunde gave to him.
He decided to place a call across to her on a weekend.
Yetunde had also erased the thought of Jim from her subconscious since he didn't place a call through she felt he had someone in his life already.

"Hello !  Am I speaking with Yetunde? "
"Certainly" responded Yetunde.
"and who may this be please? ".
"It is I, Jim. We met at the mall sometime ago".
"Oh good evening Jim. How is business and the family"
"Business is fine, besides I don't have a family of my own just yet".
The last line of the statement made Yetunde's ears tingle.
"You mean you aren't married yet? "
"I am still single and searching"
Jim replied.
Both parties met at a restaurant and chitchatted.
From thence a relationship began to brood.

Yetunde wasn't bothered to really observe Jim all round before becoming his wife.
She wasn't sceptical about the fact that such a wealthy young man was still single hitherto meeting her.
Love they say is blind. Few years down the line and Yetunde began to discover why Jim hadn't been in a relationship before meeting her.

Jim had chronic bad habits. He kept late night's despite being a married man. Also he had a love for wines and other alcoholic beverages.
He spent good money on a lavish lifestyle. To crown it all, he was also a title holder in the act of beating women and since he was somewhat confined to Yetunde, he used her to train and perfect his gift from the devil. He constantly abused her love.

They were still childless after years of marriage. This wasn't due to the "act of god", rather Jim had constantly beaten each fetus out of Yetunde simply because she didn't open the door quickly or because she slept in.
Also due to lack of trust, Jim had made Yetunde his wife resign from her good job to become a full-time housewife who required everything from her husband.
Yetunde who was formerly the pride of everyone suddenly became diminished after marriage.
She couldn't phantom the manner with which her life took a dive.

That particular evening, she had cried her eyes out. Then from the darkness emerged a man-like figure completely submerged in the aura of alcohol. He banged the door so hard. Yetunde knew it was Jim. As he had finally found solace in the arms of so many fanciful bottles.
As soon as the door came open, Jim held Yetunde so close and tightly on her arm, almost crushing her bone.
In excruciating pains, Yetunde pushed Jim to the wall.

Jim was filled with dutch courage at this moment.
Two quick slaps landed on the face of his wife, garnished with blows and kicks. His bloodshot eyes obscured his vision but determination to his mission egged him on to complete his destruction.
Few minutes more and Yetunde was stone-cold.
"Yetunde, Yetunde" Jim called but the lady was gone.
It all happened in a flash. Another woman, a victim of a woman-beater.
The autopsy revealed Yetunde died from convulsions resulting from severe blow.
Under normal circumstances, Jim ought to face the law, but like they say "the law was made for man and not man for the law".
Due to his affluence, the case was swept under the carpet of the police soon after some wands of cool cash exchanged hands.

Few months later, Jim is married again.
People believe he hasn't changed a bit. Anyway let's hope and pray he doesn't kill another, as that would translate to serial killings.

Various cases of Women-beaters hit the desk of the arm forces but they are treated with such levity. It behooves on everyone of us as humans to fight against such criminal activity.
Also in a situation where a woman discovers she's constantly a gymnastic equipment, she should speak out before the only voice which is heard from her is that of utter silence.
Also men should desist from beating women for fun or other purposes.
It's all a matter of the mind. When you don't think it, you don't do it.

Da Jandy.


  1. Good one Jandy... NO! to domestic violence... Awesome message.

  2. Certainly Flames. Thanks for the read.

  3. Nicely written, a beautiful story with and essential message embedded within,good job!

  4. Nicely written, a beautiful story with and essential message embedded within,good job!