Tuesday, 15 November 2016

"MUSIC": A Tool For Nation Building And Birthing of Novel Ideas in the 21st Century

It's been a while. I am back now though and this time, I would be bearing my mind on the issue as introduced by the title of this article.

There is an infinitesimal gain in reiterating over and over again what is adequately obvious.
In the light of this assertion, the obvious notion is that of the hollow lyrics which lace the somewhat nice instrumentals which artists record on. The wording's of most contemporary song's are in a perpetual abysmal. I was listening to an old song. The song was song by Shania Twain titled "Forever and for Always"(you should check it out by the way).
The song started with wordings... actual wordings and not 'blabs'.
In the real sense of it, I am not writing to castigate or malign the efforts of Local and Foreign acts but rather I am wailing at the extent to which the aim of music production has been beaten severely to just profit making thereby sidelining the main aim or at least one of the major factors for music production and distribution i.e the decimation of vital information laced with heart breaking, mind changing and smiles birthing lyrics which in the olden days tended to make humans "humans" in every sense of it.
Information and historic events were also embedded in such tunes and this made all and sundry to be abreast with ancient and recent happenings by just tapping the green button on the stereo.

Many a time, people scroll through my playlist and are caught in the toxic web of acute confusion solely because they do not seem to find contemporary ranting called music on my phone. This is not to say that I do not love some contemporary jams but I still prefer to listen to the likes of Elton John, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Babyface, Lucky Dube, etc.
I most especially find solace in Kenny G's Albums which I have in abundance. These old but golden tunes aid in the way and manner in which people fratanise with each other.
Study has shown that the genre of music which a one listens to, tends to have a long lasting effect on a person's self confidence and associational skills alongside the development of a less abusive diction.

Furthermore, the adverse effect of producing lyrically empty tunes is that, the artist would in some cases not be nominated for awards. I mean real awards and not some petty shows tagged award nite. Also, such tunes which are lyrically devoid, tend to hit the air waves for a short time span and then they are completely forgotten about. The tunes which are lyrically structured properly, tend to last longer even through decades and each time these soothing tunes are played, the audience sing along and reminisce on past happenings alongside the good old days. These tunes also tend to cart away awards after awards several years after the orchestrators have returned to mother earth.

Flowing from the above outpouring of my thoughts on the need to produce and listen to soft lyrically sacrosanct tunes, it is my earnest hope that someone who has read this piece would resolve to listen to good music which would blaze his or her mind with lovely ideas to move the world forward.

Thanks and God bless.

Da Jandy.


  1. Well said my brother, its high time musicians especially the Nigerian ones started producing meaningful songs. Its also the duties of Nigerians to help promote the ones singing meaningful songs.

  2. I am glad someone feels likewise and can relate with my point of view. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Nice one bro. It's very clear that we like leasting to meaningless songs and neglecting the once that will add meaning to our lives. Its time we start apriciating good music .