Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Encounter. (Fiction)

He picked up the bible and flipped it open...
The passage which surfaced was Psalm 121:5, it read thus "The LORD watches over you... the LORD is your shade at your right hand".
Mike had just lodged in the hotel close to the conference centre. He had arrived at Garki for the conference which was slated to commence the next day. He checked into the hotel and freshened up. It was in his relaxation mood, that he sighted the book placed on the shelf. He discovered it was a bible...

Mike wasn't an atheist but neither was he a strong Christian. He attended church services occasionally when he didn't have an appointment on some Sundays.
He pondered on these words from the bible for a while before hitting the comfy mattress. Even in that state, for the first time in his life, he couldn't just take his mind off what he just read. He was perturbed by the wordings of the bible passage.
What actually aggravated this thought, was the fact that the bible verse which he had just read applied to what had transpired on his way to Abuja.
Mike had planned to attend the conference in Garki and so getting his things ready on the date of his journey, he invited a cab man to pick him up from his house at about 8am on Sunday morning in order to catch his 9am flight to Garki.
On his way to the domestic airport, he almost got killed by a trailer whose driver had swerved off his lane only to face the opposite lane head on. The cab man could manoeuvre his way out of deaths way and both men were safe.
He boarded the 45 minutes flight to Garki and took a cab to his hotel accommodation.
He wondered as he laid on his bed what would have happened if the trailer had collided with the cab he had entered.
Finally after a while, he postulated that the salvation was orchestrated by a superior force which was God.

From that moment on, Mike never stopped trusting in the Lord. Those two incidents, paved a way for Mike to finally have a reorientation about life and the saving grace of Jesus.
He now believes that God is life and He alone is able to keep humanity from falling.

Da Jandy.


  1. What I like about your style is adequate description.
    You describe events with all facets of clarity.
    I love this fiction and I'm anticipating your next post.

  2. Thanks Everyone. The comments keep my ink flowing.