Tuesday, 20 September 2016


As the 28 day of September crawls near, the tension on the various political parties gubernatorial candidates in Edo state South South Nigeria grows more and more.
It is no news that in Nigeria, aspirants and their political parties always point accusatory fingers laced with fear at their strongest opponents. This is done all is a bid to dissuade the electorates from pitching tent with their strongest opponents.
At such crucial points, opposition camps find ways of bringing "wrongdoings" of their opponents into limelight. This is often carried out in mal afide. The painful part of the whole thing is that the electorates, whose ears are itching to hear even a tinge of incriminating statements about any candidate aspiring for a political position, tend to blow any little information out of proportion without finding adequately the truism of such claims.
Most electorates only savour the "bad blood meal" served by political parties all in a bid to bring down their opponents, the electorates often fail to adequately and critically examine what the aspirants are capable of offering and rather pay attention to trivial issues. Most time this behaviour tends to poise a negative outcome which might last for the whole tenure of the elected representative.
Also I believe that in a situation where a party becomes too comfortable in power and also poses as a "recurring decimal" then the main aim of a democratic system of government would have been defeated.
This does not in the slightest way imply that for true democracy and independence to prevail in governance then a different political party should be giving the opportunity to produce leaders at the expiration of the tenure of one party... no not at all.
What I mean in every Sense of the word is that whereby a political party is well aware that the masses have the power to either make or mar their return bid then they would work as they should; both in their first and second tenures.
Also even when a party performs wonderfully in two terms of governance, it does not automatically mean that they would perform or not perform well enough if allowed to continue their rule.
In ascertaining this, there is a large difficulty and that is what points to the obvious fact that we are "Mortal Men" who have limits.
In as much as we must pray to God to lead us aright in our choice come 28th of September 2016, we should also have an inner conviction of whom we would vote for on that day before leaving our abode to the voting centres so as not to be confused by those political urchin who rigmarole all in a bid to canvas for votes for their candidates.
As the saying goes "A people divided  against themselves cannot stand". Let us do well to turn out to vote on that day and ensure your vote counts before leaving the voting centre.
Also remember that....."THE FUTURE IS NOW!!! "

Da Jandy.

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